This 1.3 Inch 128×64 OLED Display Screen Module offers 128×64 pixel resolution. They are featuring much less thickness than LCD displays with good brightness and also produce better and true colors.

This OLED Display Module is very compact and will add a great ever user interface experience to your Arduino project. The connection of this display with Arduino is made through SPI interface.

The 1.3 Inch 128×64 OLED Display Screen Module produces blue text on black background with very good contrast when supplied with DC 2.8V supply. The OLED Display Modules also offers a very wide viewing angle of about greater than 160°.

Pin Description:

OLED Display Module to Arduino

VDD: 3.3V (VCC).
MOSI: D11 (don’t change).
SCK: D13 (don’t change).
D/C: D8 (can be any digital pin).
RST: D9 (can be any digital pin).
CS: D10 (can be any digital pin).

Features :
No need of the backlight
The display is self-illuminating
Power requirement is low
They are offering the large viewing angle
Full Compatible with Arduino
The ultra-low power consumption of around 0.08w at full screen lit.

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 5 cm