Compatible with the AT, AT the same time on STC series microcontroller
Single chip microcomputer IO all row needles to elicit
With the function of USB downloader, the program is convenient (no need to buy additional download)
With power indicator LED circuit
High quality plate production, the whole machine batch production, quality assurance
8 road SMD leds, indicating program running state
Row needles to elicit VCC &gnd 3 road, can input or output power supply
With 4 independent key, realize human-machine input to control development board ()
Standard ISP download interface, easy to use AT series single chip microcomputer
Temperature sensor circuit (if you need to take our temperature sensor)
Infrared receiving circuit (if you need can be independent on our infrared receiving head)
Integrated buzzer circuit, to do experiment
Four digital tube circuit, output display all kinds of information
24 our fleet, block on-board EEPROM chip (data such as record boot times, study the IIC communication protocol)
Pluggable crystals, may at any time change the operation frequency
1602 LCD and 12864 LCD interface, can be used directly insert (Does not comes with LCD)