This is ideal for remote control applications where low cost and longer range is required. The transmitter operates from a 3-12V supply, making it ideal for battery-powered applications. The transmitter employs a SAW-stabilized oscillator, ensuring accurate frequency control for best range performance.

The range of the transmitter is approx 100 meters.Range depends on various factors like physical locations, the resistors used with the encoder decoder ic etc.

RF Transmitter 315Mhz ASK Features:

Frequency Range: 315.92 MHZ.

Supply Voltage: 3~12V.

Output Power: 4~16dBm


This is a Hybrid 315Mhz RF receiver module and is ideal for short-range wireless control applications where quality is a primary concern. The receiver module requires no external RF components except for the antenna. The super-regenerative design exhibits exceptional sensitivity at a very low cost.

RF Receiver 315Mhz ASK Features:

Integrated IF and data filters.

Receiver Frequency: 315.92 MHZ

Typical sensitivity: -110dBm

Supply Current: 2.85mA

IF Frequency: 280KHz

Low power consumption.

Operation voltage: 5 to 9Volts.