Better than 2596, easy to 4A 50W, up to 75W adding heat sink
Input voltage: 4V ~ 38V (not more than 38V)
Output voltage: 1.25V ~ 36V (adjustable)
Output current: 0A ~ 5A (recommended below 4.5A)
Output power: recommended use below 75W (add heat sink when more than 50W)
Operating temperature: -40?C ~ +85?C
Operating frequency: 180KHz
Conversion efficiency: Up to 96% (based on input and output voltage, current, pressure)
Voltmeter range: 0V ~ 40V
Voltmeter error: ?0.1V (NOTE: To ensure the accuracy, keep the input above 4.5V)
Load regulation: S (I) ?0.8%
Voltage regulation rate: S (u) ?0.8%
Power indicator: Yes
Short circuit protection: Yes (limit current 8A)
Over temperature protection: Yes (shutdown output automatically after over temperature)
Input Reverse Polarity Protection: None (cascade high current diode if required)
Wiring: IN+/- Input, OUT+/- Output