nput voltage: DC 5~30V
Output voltage: DC 0.5~30V
Output current: 3A (Long-term stable work); 4A (enhance heat dissipation)
Output power: 30W (natural heat dissipation); 50W (enhance heat dissipation).
Conversion efficiency: Boost voltage 88~91%; Buck voltage 87~90%?varies by voltage difference and load?
Working frequency: 180KHZ
Board size: 68*29*21mm

Using Manual?
The defaulted output voltage is 12V and the default constant current value is 2A. Please adjust the output constant current value to avoid damaging the load.
The taller multi-turn potentiometer is used for adjusting the output voltage. The shorter single turn potentiometer is used for adjusting the constant current value. If you need to increase voltage or current, please adjust the corresponding potentiometers clockwise. To decrease, turn the corresponding potentiometers counter-clockwise.
Turn lights in full-charge?A red LED indicates constant current output. A blue LED indicates charging. A green LED indicates that the charging current is less than one-tenth the set value.