This module has a lot of excellent functions. 1.2A current limiting resistor, remove the resistance, the maximum input current can reach 2A. And IC have “over temperature protection” function. It will turn off the power MOSFET automatically when the internal junction temperature is over 150 Degrees Celsius. The power MOSFET wake up when the junction emperature drops 30? under the OTP threshold temperature. It is small and easy to operate, of course, it’s safe . Output 5V
Input voltage: 3-6V, output 12+-0.6V
Maximum output current: 1.2A
Start voltage: 2.8V, output current: 50mA
Input: 3V 1A, output: 12V 220ma
Input: 3.3V 1A, output: 12V 250mA
Input: 3.7V 1A, output: 12V 280mA
Input: 4.5V 1A, output: 12V 340mA
Input: 5V 1A, output: 12V 370mA
Input: 6V 1A, output: 12V 450mA