Buck boost converter module with programmable output control. Display unit for voltage, current and mode display. Can pump up to 6amp and voltage can vary from 0 to 38V. STM8S003F3P6 mcu controls the display and input unit and rest of the circuitry such as digital pots to control the output.

Input voltage : 10V-40V
Output current 0-6A
Output voltage 0-38V
Conversion efficiency Up to 92%
Operating frequency 150KHz
Short circuit protection Constant current
Operating temperature -40?C to + 85?C
Control method Digital control + digital display
Voltage regulator / Display resolution 0.01V
Minimum power display resolution 0.001W
Current regulation / Display resolution 0.001A
Minimum capacity display resolution 0.001AH
Output ripple ?50mV