CJMCU-219 is a module with the I2C interface of zero drift and bi-directional current/power monitoring and control integrated circuit (IC). INA219 has the industry?s highest precision and the small size, not only can monitor the pressure drop on the shunt resistor, sensing shunt power supply voltage, at the same time also can calculate the power.

This breakout board will solve all your power-monitoring problems. Instead of struggling with two multimeters, you can just use the handy INA219B chip on this breakout to both measures both the high side voltage and DC current draw over I2C with 1% precision.

The device adopts the SOT23 packaging, but for the server, notebook computer, power supply, battery management and digital electric vehicle and telecommunication equipment measuring flu provide a small low-cost solution.

A precision amplifier measures the voltage across the 0.1, 1% sense resistor. Since the amplifier maximum input difference is ?320mV this means it can measure up to ?3.2 Amps. With the internal 12 bit ADC, the resolution at ?3.2A range is 0.8mA. With the internal gain set at the minimum of div8, the max current is ?400mA and the resolution is 0.1mA. Advanced hackers can remove the 0.1-ohm current sense resistor and replace it with their own to change the range (say a 0.01 ohm to measure up 32 Amps with a resolution of 8mA)

INA219-40 c to + 85 c temperature range and can realize the maximum error of 1% accuracy, a maximum offset of 100 ?V. The advantage of the high precision of the product in combination with 12 resolution, can help clients as much as possible, reduce the pressure drop on the shunt resistor, which can minimize the power loss and power consumption, and saving board space. The device epic of 26 bus voltage range of 0 V to + V.