E32-915T20D is a 100mW wireless transceiver module, operates at 900~931MHz, based on original imported RFIC SX1276 fromSEMTECH. The module adopts LoRa spread-spectrum technology, which means the transmitting distance is much longer than before. RF Parameter:

IC : SX1278

Working Frequency : 410~441MHz (Default: 433MHz)

Transmitting Power : 10~20dBm (Default: 20dBm?About 100mW?

Receiving Sensitivity: -130 dBm (Air Data Rate: 0.3kbps)

Air Data Rate: 0.3k~19.2kbps (Default: 2.4kbps)

Test distance: 3000 meter (In open and clear air, with maximum power, 5dBi antenna gain, height of 2m, Air Data Rate: 2.4kbps)

Hardware Parameter:

Size: 21 * 36 mm (Without SMA)

Antenna Type: SMA-K

Communication Interface: UART (Baud rate: 1200~115200, default: 9600)

Buffer: 512 bytes buffer (Automatically sub-packaging with 58 bytes per package)