The UA741CP is a general purpose operational amplifier in 8 pin DIP package. The high common mode input voltage range and absence of latch up make the amplifier ideal for voltage follower applications. The device is short circuit protected and internal frequency compensation ensures stability without external components. A low value potentiometer may be connected between offset null inputs to null out offset voltage. Offset voltage null capability; Large common mode and differential voltage range; Frequency compensation and latch up are not required; Gain bandwidth product of 1MHz; Supply voltage range from ±5V to ±15V. Slew rate at unity gain is 0.5V/µs; Input offset voltage of 1mV at TA = 25°C; Input bias current of 80nA at TA = 25°C; Common mode rejection ratio (CMRR) of 70dB at TA = 25°C; Operating temperature range from 0°C to 70°C. Applications: Audio, Signal Processing, Consumer Electronics, Portable Devices

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