Silicone wire is probably the best quality wire out there. It can handle high Amperages, is very flexible, stable, non-reactive and can be used in extreme environments involving temperatures ranging from -55°C to a whopping 200°C and is everlasting and very durable. Super thin Copper Strands which can handle whopping Amps: These Silicone Rubber Insulated Wires comes with Superfine copper strands having diameter of just 0.08mm each which is about the thickness of Human Hair! This results in a whopping higher count of strands present in same diameter of wire when compared with regular PVC Copper wires. A 12AWG Silicone Wires comes with 680 copper strands. This tremendously increases the surface area of the conductor and results in being able to handle much much higher amperes and results in superior electricity conductivity and efficiency. What’s more? It also enables the cable to be highly flexible enabling users to easily route wires in those tighter bends. No wonder this wire is highly used in the RC Industry where devices require high Amperage and continued reliability all the time. Extremely durable: Each copper strands in a Silicone Rubber Insulated Wire is tin plated which not only makes soldering much easier but also protects copper from oxidation for many years even at high temperatures. A Silicone rubber insulation is nearly unaffected by extreme weather changes such as harsh sunlight and extreme cold and offers durable performance even under adverse conditions. Silicone rubber exhibits excellent electrical, flame, and heat resistance. The wire is also exceptionally resistant to grease and mineral oils. No fear of Breakdown. Highly Flexible: Silicone is a highly flexible material which when combined with the super fine tin plated copper strands results in a very flexible cable. You will be surprised to see how flexible these wires are, especially the thicker ones (small AWG cables).

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 5 cm

1meter Red, 1meter Black, 1meter Red + 1meter Black, 5meter Red + 5meter Black, 10meter Red + 10meter Black, 20meter Red + 20meter Black