This is 5A Contant Current Constant Voltage Dc-Dc Step Down Adjustable Buck Power Module.

The module uses imported high-quality chips, high efficiency (up to 95%) , low heat generation, maximum 5A current and the output is very stable.
This module uses the low- ESR original Sanyo filter capacitor, which can make the ripple voltage as low as 50m.
This module uses machine patch, reflow soldering, and each module undergoes two hours of aging test before shipment to ensure high reliability.
This module is an adjustable step-down module that can be used to change the output voltage by adjusting the blue adjustable resistor on the module. The input and output voltage difference is 1V, and the minimum output voltage is 0.8V.
Wiring must be proper otherwise, the module may be damaged.

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 05 cm